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Local Slang for Drugs

Marijuana - Smoke, Trees, Weed, Dub, L (New Term for Blunt), Choke, Chronic, Herb, Wood, Pot, Reefer, Green, Jay, Purple Haze, Hydro, Blazing, Joints

Marijuana with cocaine - Woo, Wooze

Cocaine - Coke, Yeah, K, White Horso, Blow, White, Yack Dust, White Daddy, C, Caine, White Lady, Powder, Snow, Ride the White Horse

Heroin - Smack, redrum

Acid - Paper, Blots, Liquid, Liquid Blue, Microdots, Purple Pyramid, White Blotter, Purple Microdots

Ecstasy - E, Beans, X, Candy

Ecstasy with acid - Candy Tripping, Candy Flipping

Methamphetamine - Crank, Junk, The B Word

Ketamine - Cat, K, Special K


Danville Public School s Code of Conduct for Substance Abuse

Inappropriate Behaviors


Disciplinary Consequences

- Smoking/use of possession of tobacco products


Parent Conference and one of the following:






- in-school suspension



- out-if-school suspension (1-10 days)



- referral to level 3 disciplinary action for repeated offenses

- Repeat of Level 2 Offences


Parent Conference and one of the following:

-Possession of Drug Paraphernalia*


-In-school suspension



- Suspension (1-10days) from School or Bus



- Long term Suspension from Bus or School



- Warning of Future Consequences including but not limited to a Referral to Level 4 Disciplinary Action for Repeated Offenses

- Repeat of Level 3 Offenses


Parent Conference and 10-day suspension with Recommendation for Long-Term Suspension

- Possession/Use of Alcohol



- Drug Violations


Violation of any Level 5 offence shall result in a parent conference and a 365-day expulsion from the Danville Public Schools unless there is an affirmative finding of mitigating circumstances

Zero Tolerance



A student who is determined to possess or to have bought a controlled 

substance or marijuana onto school property or to a school-sponsored activity

shall receive a minimum 365 day expulsion

Prosecution of Adults



Certain violations that must be reported to law enforcement agencies may

subject the student to prosecution as an adult whenever a student is 14 years

of age or older



Pittsylvania County School s Code of Conduct for Substance Abuse

Class 3 Misconduct

Disciplinary Actions

Serious misconduct that disrupts the education process, indicates incorrigible behavior or violates the law. School Suspension is the minimum penalty

1. Suspension from school (1 to 10 days)

1. Alcohol (possession, use or under the influence)

2. mandatory 10 day suspension from school for alcohol

2. Drug paraphernalia (possession)

3. Mandatory 5 day suspension form school for tobacco related offense (grades 6-12)


4. Long-term suspension


5. recommendation for expulsion


6. Prosecution


7. Upgrade to Class 4 offence

Class 4 Misconduct

Disciplinary Actions

Gross misconduct that requires removal of student from school

1. Recommendation for expulsion or long-term suspension and prosecution, when

1. Alcohol (distribution)


2. Any act which substantially disrupts the orderly conduct of school, a school function, extracurricular or cocurricular activity.


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